Saint and the Builders of Tomorrow?

The Saint Team ventures out into the community to a local school for a fun project. 

On June 6th, the team from Saint visited the General Brock Elementary school for a morning of building. We love getting out and being involved in the community, so we jumped at the chance to host the morning's activity. 

The Project; Planter Box. 

The Builder; General Brock Students.

The Help; The Team from Saint.

The students were provided with the box materials, safety equipment, a strawberry plant and the guidance of the Saint crew. 

A combined group of grade 5,6 and 7 were assembled to take part in the project. While Saint may have provided the materials and tools to make the planters along with the strawberry plants - the students provided the enthusiasm! 

Planter boxes made and supplied by Saint. 

Safety first!! 

The morning kicked off with Scott introducing the Saint team to the 40+ students sitting patiently, eager to get their hands dirty. Once the formalities were over with, it was onto stage one: Nailing the planter together. The Saint carpenters were on hand to assist the students as they constructed the boxes. 

This was going to be fun! 

After a few bent nails and fresh air shots, the boxes were completed. The students then lined up to get their strawberry plant. Once that was in, it was time to write their names on the box and place them out in the sun to get them growing! Students chatted to each other about how excited they were to be able to pick the fruit once it's ready. It was great to hear the excitement in their voices!

*No thumbs were hurt in the making of these planter boxes ;) 

A big thank you to the students and teachers from General Brock for taking part in the activity. Also, the Saint staff who attended and offered professional guidance. We all enjoyed helping out and spending some time with the builders of tomorrow!

*If there is a community event in the East Vancouver area that you think Saint would be able to offer assistance, do not hesitate to reach out to us!