Scott Sheen

Company Owner

Family man - avid golfer - loves to travel - moonlights as male model, dad bod edition.


Ward Frost

General Manager

Proud dad - country boy - beer enthusiast - die hard Baltimore ravens & Winnipeg jets fan - despite what popular science suggests, I have a soul - my wife thinks I'm hilarious.


Danny Cravino

Project Coordinator

Scratch golfer - expert in Sunday sessions - loves to push Scott's buttons.

Mark Gunther

Apprentice Carpenter

Board game enthusiast - coffee junkie - dog friendly - mostly harmless

Dylan Knight

Renovations Carpenter

Aka BIG DIESEL - good mate & family man - actually born in bc - yes to a steak and beer - avid country music listener.

Mathew Whyte

Ace Master Champion Renovator

Gladiator of things wood & nails - explorer of the universe - biking & rocking out.

Ben Bumatay

Rookie Apprentice

Sports enthusiast - burgers, pizza, beer - if I'm not lifting lumber I am lifting weights

Ryan Baker

Aka Cuddles5 - snowboarder - currently 6 1/2 years into travelling the world - grade A smartarse.

Colby Mason


Rugby player - beer lifter - eggs benedict lover - don't mind a round of golf - got a rubber arm.

Mathew Sharrock


Food enthusiast - works to travel - big Friday guy - big soup guy - #sports - my girlfriend thinks I'm funny.

Giles Edmunds

Apprentice Carpenter

Played lacrosse, hockey & soccer - built a computer - been to 5 countries - red truck beer is my fave.

Aubrey Stinson

Outdoors enthusiast - music lover - pen & ink artist - happy go lucky guy - can resist anything but temptation.

Tristan O’Conell

Project Coordinator

Ultimate family man - over the top canucks fan - works hard all week, teaches the boss how to play golf on the weekends.

Amanda Ussher

Does a bit of this & that

Proud mummy & wifey - music, flowers & all the veggies - the boss thinks I'm a tad sarcastic, whatever.. I don't see it.